The National Institute of Drug Abuse reports between 40 - 60 percent of individuals are at risk of relapsing during the first twelve months in recovery. A fundamental function of an alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre is promoting long-term recovery through relapse prevention and therefore a continuum of support post-rehabilitation treatment is critical to a successful recovery.

The aftercare treatment plan answers the need for continued support and is developed as a collaboration between the client, family/loved ones and case management team. Areas explored in the aftercare plan includes the following:


Routine is an important part of recovery. With the aftercare plan areas to maintain a routine are explored. 

Fellowship meetings and attendance

The importance of the 5 pillars are stressed: Meetings, sponsor, step work, service and Higher Power.

Social, friends and relationships

Friendship, social "hang-outs" and toxic relationships during active addiction may lead to relapse. In the aftercare plan we explore these aspects in more detail.

Monies and employment

Personal development, possible employment that could affect the individual's recovery as well as the handling of monies are dealt with in the aftercare plan.

Body image

A healthy lifestyle is important in recovery. We explore personal hygiene, nutritional meals, and exercise in this section of the aftercare plan.

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Specialist visits and medication

The importance of follow-up specialist visits are discussed for individuals with dual-diagnosis or any other professional interventions identified during treatment. It is also important to know which prescription or over the counter medication may be addictive. 

Triggers and behaviours

Triggers and behaviours identified during treatment are noted in this section. 


Personal boundaries that were established or identified during treatment are noted in this section. 


Possible consequences that could be set out in the aftercare plan are thoroughly discussed and noted in the aftercare plan.