PRC Recovery guided me through a process of self-discovery

Upon arrival at PRC I was a lost, confused, angry, tormented soul whom for the most part believed the whole recovery thing was a glorified pity party for people who had really messed up. Yet overtime once my paranoia subsided and I started actually listening I realised I’m the same as these people, everything became relateable. Then with the guidance of the PRC team we identified my issues and slowly worked through them granting me a restored sense of perspective along with a variety of coping skills I’ve yet to go a day without using. Overall the Pace team provides an individual with the freedom of guided self-discovery which I believe will lead to a lasting recovery. Individual Counselling

It was a pleasure working with the whole PRC team

When I first arrived at Pace I thought I had nothing new to learn, I thought this rehab was going to be like all the rest I had been to previously. But Pace taught me more about care and compassion than the rest. Much thanks to Janine for making the rehab feel like a home with family. It was a pleasure working with the whole Pace team. Individual Counselling This helped, was good. Thanks to Priscilla. Group Counselling These were also good, they felt more like lectures. Maybe have some groups where the clients bring to the group what they want to talk about and the counsellor just facilitates the session. Step Work Counselling This was good, different to my previous step-working sessions. Th


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