PRC perfectly showed how self-help begins with letting go

My experience in Pace Recovery Centre was like an Ocean Flyer clinging to heights to the last drop of spirit driving on while yet ahead is a land to be won and work for wings – move then with new desires. I have had worse partings but none that I miss in my mind. Perhaps it is roughly saying Pace Recovery Centre perfectly showed how self-help begins with walking away and love is proved in the letting go. Individual Counselling Individual counselling helped me to get my life back. It worked for me, it made me to have trust in myself and to believe in myself. Group Counselling Group counselling through me many things that I didn’t know. Some I was trying to know during my active addiction then

With the help I found at PRC I started a new life

Ever since I used drugs, this is true, apparently to me. I never recovered on my own resources. I had many relapses in the past. But when I was told about my mental obsessions with thoughts of using, my physical compulsion to continue using regardless of the consequences and my spiritual self-centeredness in me because of my addiction. PRC made me to realise that I have a disease of addiction, which does what it does best, kill, unless arrested. My recovery didn’t happen overnight for me. But with the help I found in the centre. I started a new life, one that affords great joy and happiness. I don’t longer need heroin and dirty needles to experience grateful events mixed with painful ones. I


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