If it wasn't for this program and @PRCRecovery I would not have been where I am today

My addiction started when I was about 12, just after I got molested by someone in the family. It hurt like hell knowing that at first no one believed me at that point. That made me to start smoking. At the age of 14 I started drinking. The drinking got so bad that I ended up drinking at school, on the premises and in class. Even when being kicked out of boarding school for smoking and drinking in the rooms it did not stop me, just drank more and more. When I started going to a new school I started bunking classes just to smoke. At the age of 17 I went to live with my biological father .not knowing that I was already pregnant with my first born. I only found out I was pregnant when I was al

Thank you PRC for facilitating my recovery journey

Thank you so much Pace, for facilitating the beginning of my recovery journey. Thank you for being hard on me and not giving up on me when I gave you so much uphill when I arrived in a very bad state. I feel very different, for the better, and people see the change in me. I’m eternally grateful for the patience, understanding, and tough love. The first rehab I’ve ever finished (-: Individual Counselling Great counsellors. Multi-dimensional team. Female addiction counsellor required, history of substance abuse, sober in recovery. Group Counselling Useful topics. Could go more in depth. Format improved by multimedia. Class on effect of drugs on body organs perhaps? Perhaps more group circle sh


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