There is still hope, even if all you see is darkness!

I was a heroin addict for 3 years. It stared with smoking nyaope in South Africa, with that some call “the kiss from god” and ended in Australia with mainlining pure heroin. This “kiss from god” quickly turned into a living nightmare, hell on earth. It may have seemed lke love at first sight but my mistress, my heroine, didn't take long to show her true colors, she is cunning, baffling and powerful. She is a destroyer of lives, a devourer of souls. My life was turned into chaos, it became completely unmanageable, my DOC drove me to the brink of suicide...twice. For the still suffering addict there are 3 options, jails, institutions or death. Thanks to the God of my understanding, I was fortu

Felt like I was at home.

I was once asked “what has NA given me” and I couldn't answer it until now. NA gave me PRC Recovery. PRC Recovery gave me NA, but it's more than that PRC gave me “ME” they gave me another shot at life. my testimony is the way I live, the why? case someone believed in me, accepted me & loved me someone was honest & open enough to call me on my bullshit, not forcing me but guiding me. I will always be grateful for the opportunities you've opened up to me, by showing & teaching me the NA way. this is my family “ vatos locas la familia” truly thank you Mart, Janine, Daniel, Onthene, Octavea & Maggie. Individual Counselling I liked the sessions with Daniel. Intimate, straight, honest, no bulldhit


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