With the establishment of individual treatment plans, we focus on individualised alcohol and drug rehabilitation for each client using several tools which form part of our integrated model of recovery. 

Integral assessments and assignments will be conducted throughout the first two weeks of admission. All assessments are prepared to take critical information into consideration when developing their individual treatment plans. Assessments typically include:

Medical and Psychological Assessment

A thorough physical, psychological and nutritional evaluation done by our consulting general practitioner. This is to assess the overall state of physical well-being and possible damage that has already been done through the abuse of the particular substance or substances.

Intake Assessments

A psychosocial assessment of current life stressors, mental health issues, relationship problems, and psychological status done by the social worker and counsellor respectively.

A family assessment is also done to examine particular nurturing and/or limiting functions of the client's support system. 


Reflecting on the impact that the substances have had over one's life in areas such as social, family, financial, health, etc. to determine if there are any possible denial or reservations.



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Personality Profiling and Strengths Surveys

The importance of this assessment is that it provides individuals with an introspective self-report abut how they perceive the world around them and make decisions. By completing this assessment it is allowing for increased ability to predict clinically relevant information about people and to develop effective treatment strategies. 

Individual Treatment Plan

The IDP defines and outlines the course of treatment. It is important that the goals align with the client's desired outcome, following by measurable, time-sensitive steps toward achieving them. It will reflect as an agreement between the case managers and the client. 

Daily Inventory

The daily inventory is created as a platform to monitor ongoing challenges or progress made throughout the program.