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Testimony: "I am eternally grateful and humbled by my experience at PRC"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: LouisT

I arrived at PRC recovery a completely broken addict, and through the program, the guidance, the love and understanding I leave here a completely changed person. Through working diligently through the 12 step program, I came to understand my disease. I learned about my defects and regained my inner strength. I spiritually reconnected with my Higher Power which was indeed a profound moment for me. I have come to love some of the people who so caringly guided me through my journey here at PRC recovery. I am eternally grateful and humbled by my experience here. I would like to recommend this program to any still suffering addict out there. God bless.

Individual Counselling

My individual counselling was excellent. I felt understood by my counsellor from the start and therefore I had no inhibitions about sharing. I received honest and valuable feedback from my counsellor and my recovery was honestly guided by this.

Group Counselling

I found the group sessions very valuable. There was a lot of sharing by most clients which kept it fresh and …. for me. I also gained a lot of insight into my perceptions about things by listening to the perception of others.

Step Work Counselling

This counselling I found very valuable. I felt I could trust my step work coach …..and I was guided through my step work with insight, understanding and above all honesty. I am truly grateful for this.


The facility is perfect for rehab. Not too many clients. It is kept neat and tidy by the clients and staff, and I never lacked anything. I love the beautiful surroundings of Sabie, the peace and quiet. Also loved sitting by the fire during colder days.


Meals are always excellent. I never once had a complaint about the food during my 3+ month stay here. The staff are helpful and pleasant.


I attended absolutely all the in-house AA and NA meetings, as well as online meetings. I have come to trust and rely on the fellowship. I feel understood and safer in this environment and will continue being a member.


Although I had minor problems with the disciplinary system, it was only during my early days at PRC recovery and all the mistakes were caused by my own in-discipline. And so also her, I benefited a great deal by getting discipline back into my life.

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