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Testimony: "A difficult road made easier with PRCs' love and support"

Updated: Mar 9

Testimony: SellavieB


My experience at PRC has been a difficult road, but the staff and counsellors made it an easier one with their love and support. The staff and counsellors were always there for me. The groups were very informative and interesting. PRC was my second home away from home. I have learnt so much and I have discovered so much about myself. My relationship with God has strengthened. Thank you to all the staff and counsellors for being part of this important journey.

Individual Counselling

The counsellors are truly interested in hearing what you have on your mind. They are always available to listen and there's never any rush, they will sit with you for as long as you need and they do not judge you at all.

Group Counselling

I learnt something from each and every group that we had. There were always activities and presentations as a group which I enjoyed and each counsellor had their own special way of presenting a group.

Step Work Counselling

This was very important to me, once actually sitting down with Mart and Daniele and going over the step work you come to see how important the program is and how crucial it is to answer the questions openly and honestly.


I was happy with the accommodation it was cosy and comfortable. I had everything I needed. It was my home while being away from home. Room 6 was my special little place.


I got 3 meals a day, fruit and bread. I enjoyed the food. I never came here to get hotel food. The food was tasty and it was enough.


The AA + NA meetings were very helpful, inspiring and supportive for me, you always learn something from someone at the meetings.


I’m glad I came to PRC, it’s not the same as other rehabs. It’s like your second home for 3 months. The staff are caring, patient, understanding and kind. I was never judged.


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