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Testimony: "Day by day PRC grew on me, it became a magical place to be in"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: MortW

I started off slowly, and day by day PRC Recovery grew on me. It became a magical place to be in, it is like I said, fun and you really get time to work on yourself. I would recommend PRC Recovery to anyone who has a problem with substance abuse. PRC Recovery tests you on every level, in a good way. It is hard at first but you will make it, you will survive.

Individual Counselling

The counselling is great. One on one they really put the effort into it.

Group Counselling

The group counselling is well planned and everybody works together.

Step Work Counselling

Step work is a bit inhumane, but it really works if you work it.


The facility is great. Wide-open space, a lot of space for you to spend time with yourself.


The meals are great. Good, up to standard and you get a big meal at night.


The meetings AA and NA are great, you learn a lot from other addicts.


The place is fun. In general, everyone works together.

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