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Testimony: "PRC Recovery guided me through a process of self-discovery"

Updated: Mar 9

Testimony: JuanH

JH Testimony

Upon arrival at PRC, I was a lost, confused, angry, tormented soul who for the most part believed the whole recovery thing was a glorified pity party for people who had really messed up. Yet over time once my paranoia subsided and I started actually listening to I realised I’m the same as these people, everything became relatable. Then with the guidance of the PRC team, we identified my issues and slowly worked through them granting me a restored sense of perspective along with a variety of coping skills I’ve yet to go a day without using. Overall the Pace team provides an individual with the freedom of guided self-discovery which I believe will lead to a lasting recovery.

Individual Counselling

Over the course of the past 3 months, the counselling sessions have been most insightful, helping me through guidance to identify my issues and find resolve.

Group Counselling

The group counselling sessions have been very informative while providing the opportunity to be interactive has not only made the content more relatable but has substantially deepened its value making it considerably more applicable to life.

Step Work Counselling

Step Work counselling has probably yielded some of the greatest benefits in my recovery, through written reflection I’ve discovered a whole lot about myself I never knew anything about.


Overall the facility is lovely with ample space for everyone without the sense of feeling crowded. There is also a large open yard amazing for walks, Overall the facility is well kept and the level of comfort can be deceiving.


Overall the meals are great, well balanced and to some extend ample. In my time here I’ve managed to go from a scrawny skeleton to considering a diet.


I honestly feel the fellowship is the heart of the program and has had an amazing influence on my life, I’ll be sure to maintain its presence in my life.


Overall the PRC team are heavily involved in all parts of the program and could be closer to a family than a team, and as such makes a person feel very welcome.


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