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Testimony: "My experience at PRC Recovery has been revolutionary"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: HiltonB

HB Testimony

I arrived on the 23rd of October 2017 having come straight from another rehabilitation centre, I had been there for 6 weeks. My experience at PRC has been revolutionary, I have been able to work through some difficult experiences which I hadn't dealt with prior to coming here. I believe that I have finally come to a place within myself that feels content and at ease with life. The tension has subsided and I feel like I am actually beginning what it is like to live. This experience was exactly what I needed and I will always be grateful to the staff for accommodating me.

Individual Counselling

I enjoyed my individual counselling, I found it to be very helpful and always felt like I was free to express myself openly, which for me has been something brand new.

Group Counselling

Most of the group sessions which I attended were informative as well as interactive. I found that the group counsellors were always willing to be open to the perspectives of the clients which I believe to be important.

Step Work Counselling

I was able to talk openly and honestly, revisiting some aspects that have now been dealt with. Sometimes frustrating for me as the NA Step process is very “higher power” based and I just don’t approach my recovery or life, in general, that way.


PRC has been a breath of fresh air, very accepting and open. Having a room to myself has been a real blessing. All facilities are more than sufficient, well set out and have met my needs.


The meals have been fantastic! The best rehab food by a country mile. Lots of vegs, home-cooked goodness and always great helpings.


The ”fellowship” with the other clients has been good, a really relaxed environment. I’m not very interested in the NA/AA meetings and programme as a whole. I’m not against a supplementary application. I know it helps many recovering addicts and I respect that but it’s not for me.


My experience at PRC has been fantastic! The staff and valuable programme has been an experience that I will always look back on with gratitude.

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