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Testimony: "PRC was a road of self-discovery and I found myself again"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: AshleyV

My experience here at PRC was phenomenal. I came here not knowing what to expect but I soon came to realise it is exactly what I needed. I was on a road of self-discovery and found myself again. I was given a second chance to live a life without the use of drugs. I can finally love myself again for who I am.

Individual Counselling

The individual counselling helped me a lot due to the fact that I started to love myself more and accepted myself a bit more.

Group Counselling

Groups were interesting due to the fact that they teach us more about things we did not know about such as boundaries.

Step Work Counselling

It was very helpful doing the steps and being able to talk to someone that can give me advice.


Was nice and conducive enough space for everyone so that we don't have to step on each other's toes.


Was good and enjoyed it a lot especially on the days that we baked cakes and desserts.


The JFT meetings were nice and eye-opening and enjoyed the meetings. It’s nice to know there are other addicts as well.


In general, it’s a nice place. The staff are friendly and the Sunday hikes were great.

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