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Testimony: "I was on a suicide mission before I came to PRC recovery"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: Anonymous - HS

I was on a suicide mission before I came to PRC recovery despite being blessed with so much. Everything I now understand and accept that I have a disease over which I have no control or am powerless over. My family did not understand why I wanted to throw my life away and neither did I. It has been a lifelong battle for me and therefore my loved ones as well. I can finally now look forward and hope. One day at a time. My spiritual awakening has saved my life. Rehab is never fun. I am grateful that this time I applied myself 101%. I realised that it is all up to me to use what has been made available to me for my recovery. The facility, the fellowship and the program. I really want to be clean and sober and it is my decision, in the end, no magic wands. Extreme gratitude for all parties that contributed, and my Higher Power. It works if YOU work it, so WORK it YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Individual Counselling

I learned the most from Octavea. She is a real asset to the facility. In both counselling and group sessions.

Group Counselling

Very informative. Onthene excels here. I enjoyed and learned a lot in group sessions with all facilitators.

Step Work Counselling

Onthene and Octavea helped me the most in this aspect. I affectionately add that Mart is/was my devil's advocate: always challenging me.


A good place to recover. All basic needs are met plus comfort.


Outstanding. Me being a small portion person I feel that I wasted too much. Always an option of seconds?


Part of a learning curve of recovery. Principles before personalities. Great for identity.


I am grateful for my stay here. I feel it has been worth every cent, tear and smiles. Grateful to PRC recovery for all their effort in helping me.

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