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Testimony: "I am looking forward to living a sober life thanks to PRC"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: BhekuN

Before I came to PRC recovery I was not aware that addiction is a disease. I learned that by completing step 1. I was not aware that recovery is an ongoing process. I was thinking that I can stop and start, that I can control my addiction. I learned that once you are an addict you will always be an addict, you just have to keep moving forward in your recovery and stay sober. I have seen a lot of suffering addicts get sober with this program, which gave me hope that this is possible for me too. I am looking forward to living a sober life.

Individual Counselling

I enjoyed the one on one sessions with my counsellors. They both guided me in a positive way. One of my counsellors gave me advice on how to budget, which will help me not to borrow money from others.

Group Counselling

I enjoyed the group sessions. I learned a lot from the groups I attended. Especially the group on learning to be assertive.

Step Work Counselling

I took the most from the sessions with my PRC recovery step work coach. I had some reservations about gambling and he advised me that gambling is an addiction, I appreciate the guidance he gave me.


The classrooms are in good condition. I like the equipment used in the kitchen because even if there is no electricity they can still cook for us.


The food was nice. The Sunday fruit salad is not good, should eat it after lunch.


I enjoyed the online meetings. I have learned a lot from other recovering addicts, they encouraged me positively in my recovery.


No air conditioner in the rooms. New mattresses must be bought. The shower always has hot water. The washing machine does not wash properly.

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