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Testimony: "PRC motivated me every step of the way to change for the better"

Updated: Mar 9

Testimony: MarcelV

I came to PRC recovery without hope and my views on recovery in tatters. Then I became part of a family concerning the other clients, motivating me to change for the better. They accepted me for who I am. It was a good experience finding myself by being honest with myself and others. I am thankful that I found PRC Recovery and the opportunity to better my life. I am also thankful for being provided with the five pillars to lean on when things get tough. It works because of being three things (honest, open-minded and willing) and doing five things (sponsor, service, step work, meetings and a loving Higher Power) So work it - you are worth it.

Individual Counselling

I feel I could have been counselled more, but the counselling I got was very helpful with coming to terms with things I have been through.

Group Counselling

I feel the group therapy was constructive and well structured to the point I felt like I was part of the group

Step Work Counselling

I was helped so much by Onthene and I appreciate what I was able to learn from her in the aspects of myself and in my step work.


The facility is beautiful and I am glad that I was able to spend time within these walls.


The food was fantastic


The NA and AA groups were motivational. A fantastic platform to be able to share and learn from other recovering addicts.


It works if you work it. I really felt part of the family here.


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