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Testimony: "I was full of shame, anger, and fear, feeling helpless"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: JoeR

When I came to PRC recovery I was full of shame, anger and fear, feeling helpless. Fear for my failures and the harm that I caused to myself and the people around me. With the steps and the friendly staff members, I regained my hope and started to think positively and realistically about life. Today I can step out with pride and say I did it, I can still walk tall and do more to stay sober. I can help society by informing them of the dangers of alcohol. I have accepted my disease, leaving everything in the hands of my Higher Power to guide me. I will stay clean and live a sober and healthy life. I will remain disciplined in my recovery program.

Individual Counselling

With Octavea and Persty, it was good sessions, I managed to learn where to open up and where to close and move on. I learned how my anger and powerlessness has caused me and the people around me harm. Very informative and I will take the advice given with me.

Group Counselling

With Onthene I found it very interesting. Especially the group on procrastination was informative and an eye-opener for me. It is another tool for my recovery program.

Step Work Counselling

I was very happy with the way Mart and Morne evaluated me, very professional - they know what they are doing. They enforced practising spiritual principles which is something I will be doing in my daily life.


The facility is really good.


The meals were good. Macaroni was not a favourite I saw most people did not finish their meals on the days it was on the menu.


I learned a lot from fellow members sharing their experiences and life stories. I liked the online meetings. Fellow members were friendly and always willing to help me.


I hope you will consider doing the program in different languages as time goes on.

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