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Testimony: "God bless PRC Recovery and be with them until the end of time"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: ArchieM

AM Testimony

When I came to Pace Recovery Centre I didn’t know anything about the disease of addiction. I thought I had a drug problem but that was one of my problems so they helped me deal with the problem that I came here for and they dealt with the other problems that I have, which is the ME problem and that’s when I realised that this centre has my best interests at heart and one thing that I love the most about them is that when they discharged me they didn’t forget about me, they are still in touch with me and that is what I grateful for and what I appreciate the most so on behalf of my family and I, I’d like to say may God bless PRC Recovery and be with each and every one of them until the end of time.

Individual Counselling

In the individual counselling, I would talk to my counsellor about my personal things and I got good advice

Group Counselling

From the group counselling, I got different opinions that were helpful to me and that is where I got to practice my open-mindedness a lot.

Step Work Counselling

I got relieved from the step work counselling and when I read my step work I was able to identify my problems and come up with a solution by myself and my coach never judged me. When I read about my past, he told me the truth about myself, e.g. when I was lying or recovering.


The facility is top-notch there’s games, a TV room, a sports ground and proper classrooms and passages for when it’s raining.


The meals were good and healthy and I understand that the only thing that I don’t like is eating what I don’t eat at home, especially porridge and Sunday food.


I can relate to the fellow members when they share and I can get advice from them before I come across the situations and try to make positive results from them.


I was treated well everyone had my best interest at heart and I got more than enough attention.

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