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Testimony: "I was convinced thinking I can handle my addiction on my own"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: RichardC

Before I came to PRC recovery I was convinced thinking I can handle my addiction on my own. I realized quickly that I have been lying to myself and my family for 18 years. Drugs turned me into a monster without me realizing it. Lucky for me I got a wake-up call and came to PRC recovery. Damn, what a rude awakening when I got here. I had to open up, not only my big mouth but my heart as well. I had to put everything on paper and read it out to my fellow addicts. It felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I jumped straight into step work, realizing I am not alone, I have powers greater than myself to support me. I got back in touch with my God and saviour. The best part is understanding my disease and how it has trapped me in obsessive, compulsive and self-centred routines. Thanks to every single person at PRC recovery. Love all, you fellow addicts.

Individual Counselling

It was great to get advice from another recovering addict who has walked the same path I am starting to walk in recovery. The best part of it was the fact that he did not sugarcoat anything, he was honest about the feedback and guidance he gave me.

Group Counselling

It was very informative and just would have liked more of it. During the time I had here I had to concentrate on my step work. Mornè is a great coach, he really got me and it was nice that he put me straight and gave a lot of good advice.

Step Work Counselling

In the beginning, I did not get why I must write so much, but as I got into the swing of things I began to understand talking about my problems alone will not help. Putting it on paper made me see things clearer than before.


Neat and tidy. No problems with the area and buildings, some of the beds need fixing.


What can I say? Mitchell and T’s food was like my wife's cooking, I felt like I was eating at home. Thank you, kitchen crew.


The meetings made me see that I am not strange and different because of my disease. There are other people with the same feelings as I have and struggled just like me.


I now understand that 21 days is a short time to get everything done.

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