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Testimony: "I am ready to go and face all my fears knowing that I will never be alone."

Updated: Feb 12

My life has changed tremendously, I say this based on the feeling of inner peace and mental strength I have gained here.

I am ready to go and face all my fears knowing that I will never be alone.

Thank you PRC Recovery.

Individual Counselling

Individual counseling at PRC Recovery has by far been the best counseling sessions I have attended to date.

Octavea is very patient and good at separating issues. Her ability to deal with any situation whether sensitive or not is unparalleled. I admire her open-mindedness and willingness to accept different perspectives the clients bring.

Persty is a lovely soul who is committed to the well-being of all facets of our lives, I thank her for her honesty and care throughout my stay at PRC Recovery.

Group Counselling

I really enjoyed all the groups I had. The facilitators were good at presenting and keeping us interacting. I learned a lot of concepts relating to addiction and recovery. I am grateful for the knowledge I acquired during these groups.

Step Work Counselling

Step work was the most challenging for me. If it wasn't for the guidance from my coach, I don't think I would have achieved what I achieved.

Onthene is very professional and has tremendous experience in the step work field.

She is a great asset to this program and I am glad and honored to have had her part of my recovery. I admire your honesty Onthene.


It is my first rehab center so I can't compare it with any other facility. I am usually a very picky person so the fact that I extended my stay means the facility was more than decent.


My first meal was horrible but I must add that it improved a lot. I have never thrown away any food, which means everything was edible. I picked up some weight. I would like to thank chef Louis, I had a few exquisite meals here.


An integral part of the program. I took a lot from people's ideas, experiences, and pain.

The meetings are done in an orderly, safe space. I am glad to have been able to share my experience as well.


I thank God for allowing me to come to PRC Recovery and rediscover myself. I came here sober but not sober-minded. It was an awesome experience. Keep changing lives. I feel good today and believe I will use every tool I have been given to better my life.

What makes PRC recovery different?

As I mentioned before, this is my first rehab, but judging from my peers who have been to different treatment centers I can gladly say that this has been the best by far.

  • the genuine love for people the PRC Recovery family has is amazing

  • the experienced staff who can relate to what the clients go through and experienced

  • the belief in the NA program and their approach is quite good

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