I'm grateful for this journey and I believe in the 12 steps

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Testimony: RandallG

My experience at Pace was amazing I came here motivated to change and live a life free from drugs. With motivation and determination, I began my program on a strong note. I got the support and knowledge I needed to change my way of thinking and life. Although I was fearful at first I came to realise that they had my best interests at heart and wanted to help me clean up and live a better life. I got the love and support I needed. Pace really helped me find purpose again and I am proud and honoured to be apart of the fellowship of NA I know I have a family at Pace and I am grateful for this journey and I believe in the process and twelve steps. I would recommend anyone to come to PRC and Thank you for the love and support. You gave me hope again. I love all of you and keep you all in my heart and prayers.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling was good, benefited a lot from it and the counsellors care and put a lot of hard work and effort to help me. They are doing a great job and should continue the good work they do.

Group Counselling

Group counselling was good, learnt a lot and a lot of effort went into it and I gained a lot of knowledge and I am grateful for that have a clear and better understanding of a lot of stuff now. Thank you for the lessons and effort put into it.

Step Work Counselling

The feedback and support I got from the step work benefit me to help me understand myself more and work on the areas I need to change. Grateful for the support and excellent work put into it to help me better myself and understand addiction.


The facility is great can't complain all my needs were met and more. It’s a great place and I hope it grows to help more addicts. Thanx to the Pace team for a job well done.


The meals were great cannot complain I loved the cooking. Thank you to the Kitchen team going to miss the nicely prepared meals.


The fellowship of NA is strong helped me out a lot and got to share my experience and hear others that helped me in my recovery grateful for the support and structure of NA.


I just want to thank the team for all the love and support during my stay it helped me a lot and I thank you and love each and every one. God Bless and take care.


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