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Testimony: "I really have a great family here and I will surely miss it"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: Anonymous - LP

I really enjoyed my time here with you guys and I must say the first 2-3 days I was here I never felt like I was home, I felt like I was in prison but as the days went by I felt at home, enjoyed the warm welcome from staff and peers. For once I felt like not leaving because when I came here I felt like leaving the first week I was here. When they told me the good and bad news I took it well but I must say there isn’t bad news at all it is supposed to be the good & the great news not bad because I really have a great family here and I will surely miss it and especially Daniele. He’s been a great sponsor to me.

Individual Counselling

I enjoyed the individual counselling because you get to learn a lot about yourself and I loved being open and honest with Daniele, He makes you feel free and doesn’t judge and helps me a lot if I was going through rough emotions.

Group Counselling

Group counselling was also good because you could learn a few things about someone else and I would enjoy them because you/I also learnt a lot from it and gained knowledge from group peers.

Step Work Counselling

Step work helped me know I am an addict and I need help because I wouldn’t have done it alone and also made me reflect on my past and helped me to move on and better my future and not looking back at my past.


This is a good place it doesn’t really feel like rehab but then the duties we have to do was so tiring and the goodwill felt like labour haha but either way this is a very good place.


I enjoyed most of my meals especially my lunch and supper, breakfast I didn’t eat that much because I hated that food only ate corn flakes.


The meetings I have had here are very good. I gained a lot from them and learned a lot too about a thing or two about the experiences others have shared.


I really love this place. I can call it home because I felt a lot safer in here and being away from the outside world was such a nice experience and forgetting a bit about your phone and social media. I am proud to this was my very first rehab and the last rehab I will ever go to.

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