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Testimony: "I worked on what needed to change for me to recover"

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Testimony: KamogeloM

I did not know who I was before I came to PRC Recovery, now I feel 100% better and show positive affirmation towards myself. I learned a lot of things here like being patient and having an urge to always strive for success as I am human at the end of the day. This program taught me how to be open-minded, willing and honest. I will maintain this through the five pillars: my sponsor, my step work, being of service, going to meetings and maintaining a relationship with my Higher Power as I understand Him.

Individual Counselling

Was excellent because I got to discover who I am and got a chance to both at things from a different perspective and through my counselling, I got to be at peace with myself.

Group Counselling

Gave me a platform to voice how I felt and through it, I was able to talk about how I feel as well as share my experience, this gained back my confidence.

Step Work Counselling

I got a lot from my step work and did not feel afraid to put down what was/is wrong with me and I got the desire to live and I got to work on what I needed to change.


The facility is good and caters for a variety of things. From my point of view, it is really good.


The portions are alright and filling as there is always enough. The rice salad made me appreciate the food I was getting. The meals were fantastic.


The fellowship here is powerful. There was not a time I felt alone, there was always someone to talk to. The support system here is outstanding.


I learned to be responsible through my duties and to be on time through the strike system they work at PRC recovery.

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