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Testimony: "I was in denial but soon realised - I AM AN ADDICT!"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: Anonymous - JS

When I arrived at PRC recovery I was very scared. I almost ran away. I was in denial and felt I did not belong. Thanks to PRC recovery staff and the fellowship, I soon realised - I AM AN ADDICT! I started working on the program, opening up to other addicts and re-connecting with my Higher Power. It felt so good to let go of feelings I carried with me for 38 years. It gave me a sense of relief and freedom. I will take so many things I have learned with me on my road to recovery 1. my past does not define who I am today 2. accepting situations I can not change 3. I am focused on my step work, and I am willing to do what it takes 4. I reconnected with God 5. I am fearful, but positive about the future. I can not wait to start my life in sobriety! One puff, one prick, one drink is too many and a thousand never enough.

Individual Counselling

I really learned a lot from Octavea, Onthene and Mart! All of you are excellent assets to this facility. Thank you for letting me share my dearest and deepest secrets with you. It felt good doing that, even though I was scared in the beginning.

Group Counselling

Group counselling was very informative. Again I learned a lot and I could relate to some of the topics. I enjoyed interacting with the group. Thank you Onthene and Octavea.

Step Work Counselling

Mart, Onthene and Octavea helped me so much! I could ask any of them for help at any time and they were always willing to help and listen to me.


It is a good place for recovery. Maybe some fans in the classrooms and kitchen during summertime.


Overall the meals were delicious. Thank you to Micheal and T for working in the hot kitchen every day. Suggestion: maybe smaller portions, a lot of my food went to waste.


I enjoyed attending the meetings. I could relate to every person’s life story in some way.


Every tear I shed, every smile I smiled and every cent spent for me to be her was worth it.

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