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Testimony: "My troubles and addiction were too big to resolve and overcome"

Updated: Feb 12

Testimony: JeaneDP

Before I came to PRC recovery I felt alone and hopeless. I hated the person I had become. I thought my troubles and addiction was too big to resolve and overcome. I did not know that there was a way of restoring myself and my life. A couple of days after arriving at PRC recovery I started seeing the light. Through listening to other addicts testimonies and hearing their shares at meetings I realized that we do recover, there is a good life waiting for me. At PRC recovery I found my true self again and I started loving myself again. I found happiness. I found hope. I know that through step work, my sponsor, service, meetings and a loving Higher Power I have found a way to live my most joyful life and the best life imaginable.

Individual Counselling

Octavea is very loving and understanding. It was wonderful speaking to her, she is an amazing woman. I loved talking to Persty, she is also very understanding and caring. I am going to miss talking to them.

Group Counselling

Groups were very informative and addressed the eerie issue I had, they were fun at the same time. I felt comfortable and understood. The groups taught me a lot and gave me peace over each problem/concern we discussed.

Step Work Counselling

Onthene is the best person I have ever met. Going through my step work I felt comfortable, open and free to be completely myself. I felt understood, loved and not judged at all. I trusted her completely and felt able, to be honest with her about everything. Working with her was great!


I am going to miss PRC recovery a lot. I am going to miss the routine, activities and structure. I really felt at home here. PRC recovery is exactly what I needed, it was good for me to stay here.


The food was incredible, it was delicious and I enjoyed every meal. The portions and the times we ate was perfect.


It was great having this experience with the AA and NA meetings where I was surrounded by people who understood me and I understood them. It is comforting being surrounded by people who are going through the same things and who are working towards the same goals. It is wonderful knowing that I am not alone.


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