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Testimony: "I really enjoyed my time at PRC Recovery"

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Initially, I was anxious because I have never been to a recovery center myself. The first few days were confusing and I did not know where to go or at what time. As soon as I settled in things started to run smoothly.

Firstly my life story was overwhelming to write and present. After presenting it and moving on to step work, attending groups, and a few sessions I got a lot more relaxed.

I was able to take in and learn a lot more, not just things about my disease and addiction but also a lot about my emotions, feelings, and character defects.

I really enjoyed my time at PRC Recovery, I just think the time I had was too short and I would have liked to get further along in the program, but I will move forward with my outpatient program and the rest of my recovery.

Thank you everyone at PRC Recovery.

Individual Counselling

I really enjoyed my individual sessions, it cleared up a lot of grey areas that I couldn’t see myself. With a little encouragement, I have noticed a lot of things that I have not done before.

Group Counselling

Always very good and insightful, fun, and definitely understandable. I learned a lot from the groups and did not have any unanswered questions. Great at explaining how the disease of addiction works on our mind

Step Work Counselling

If I had a question about things I did not understand or did not know how to put in words, I just needed to ask for help and immediately got the help I needed to move forward to the next question.


The facility is great. I found it tranquil nothing bothered me while I was in class or sleeping at night. Toilets and showers are also very good, great kitchen and dining area. I really felt at home during my stay.


The meals were great every time. I normally ignore any kind of vegetable, but it was prepared so well and I always ate them. I don't have any complaints about meals or meal times here.


I learned a lot at every meeting I attended seeing that I have never attended meetings like this before. Everyone makes you feel welcome immediately. With every share past experiences and emotions popped up.


The staff at PRC Recovery is mindful of each person and helps each and everyone according to their needs. Even when someone has a bad day, they would pick them up just by listening and then assisting that person.

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