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Testimony: "I received a program that would help me out with tools to use against my disease."

Updated: Feb 12

I wanted to have this opportunity or second chance I was given by the Lord to surrender and come to seek help.

I came to PRC Recovery as a nobody.

Feeling self-pity, being self-centered, and angry. Lost with no hope. I came home where I was welcomed with open arms.

I received a program that would help me out with tools to use against my disease.

Thank you all at PRC Recovery!!

Individual Counselling

I always appreciated the individual counseling sessions between Persty and Morne. I found the counseling sessions eye-opening to some of the things that I was not aware of. They were all good

Group Counselling

Group counseling sessions were given to us weekly. They were so educational.

Step Work Counselling

The 12-step program is the one program that I am willing to complete.

I want to write it until I finish it.

I found it speaks to me as an individual, what and how bad my addiction was, for me and for other people.


The facility is in very good condition and very well looked after.

Maybe consider adding a tennis court or other games that could help clients in their recovery.


The meals were very awesome, we would always look forward to what would be served in the morning to dinner.

It was very nice and well prepared.

It was offered by a dietician.


We would always have JFT(just for today) meetings in the morning.

Tuesday and Thursday meetings (AA and NA) where everyone would be given a chance to talk about the topic of the day.


In general, I am suggesting that PRC recovery could invite other recovering addicts or motivational speakers to come and speak about their experiences and motivate the clients.

What makes PRC recovery different?

Since I came for treatment in rehab for the first time, I don't have much knowledge about recovery and how treatment centers work - but all and all PRC Recovery is full of energy.

A skilled program that teaches you as a person what should and should not be done from person to person.

Goodwill teaches you other skills that you didn't know about and to get your mind off bad things.

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