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Testimony: "The 12-step program is the best in giving me the tools I need to go forward in recovery"

Updated: Feb 12

I started off at PRC recovery broken and damaged.

Through working the steps and the individual support I received from the staff I was able to use the tools from the groups I attended to handle things like conflict and anger constructively.

With the knowledge I have on self-esteem and self-love I am now equipped to take on a new way of living life.

Individual Counselling

Octavea’s individual sessions helped me deal with my divorce. She helped me see the bigger picture and heal, to move on with my life.

Group Counselling

The group on conflict helped me understand and handle it in a constructive way.

The self-esteem group helped me so much.

Self-evaluation on a daily basis helped me check myself before I wreck myself.

Step Work Counselling

Mornè helped me a lot through my step work, mostly step 4. He made it safe for me to open up old wounds and heal them properly for me to move on.


Great facility, great classes, and living area. Cooking and having check-ins with my peers in the dining and braai area helped with my communication skills.


Meals were of a good standard


During my time I was impressed with the unity of the NA/AA fellowship. People like me going through the same things sharing their hope, strength, and experience gave me the freedom to share mine without the fear of being judged.


PRC recovery is a great rehabilitation facility, I think the 12-step program is the best in giving me the tools I need to go forward in recovery.

What makes PRC recovery different?

The individual support combined with the 12-step program makes treatment at PRC recovery stand out from the other facilities I have been at.

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