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Testimony: "When I arrived I was broken, hopeless, and desperate for change"

Updated: Mar 9

Testimony: NdzalamaM

When I first arrived at PRC recovery I was broken, hopeless and desperate for change. I was ready to do anything to just fix my life. When I heard of NA and I looked around, the NA members were enough reason for me to give everything in me to work the program. I wanted what they had. Working the program was the best decision I ever made. After finishing the twelve steps in treatment I am more than ready to live life on life’s terms. God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers. I love the fellowship and I have never been more passionate about anything else. Thank you PRC recovery for walking this journey with me, I am grateful.

Individual Counselling

At first, I was not ready to open up and talk about myself and my life, but Octavea and Maggie made it so comfortable for me that I completely opened up. It is perfect. I would not want it any other way.

Group Counselling

A platform where I could absolutely be myself and have no fear or worry about judgement. I could learn and relate, understand every single detail. Group counselling for me was very insightful.

Step Work Counselling

This has by far been the best counselling for me. Step work gave me a head start and direction as to where I am heading in my recovery. The step work counselling with my sponsor always switched on a bulb in my head and always left me with something to think about and work on. Carry on the good work PRC recovery.


The facility is fine, a good area to have a rehab. What I can suggest is to get wooden beds instead.


I loved and enjoyed the meals, the portions are fine too.


NA is my home, it is where I belong and what keeps me clean. Your presentation of the fellowship is excellent. I have never been so passionate about anything else.


Thank you for the stay. Thank you for being patient with me and for walking this journey with me. I have learned to love myself.


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