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Testimony: "I had no idea what to expect all I knew I was going to rehab"

Updated: Mar 9

Testimony: SamkeloM

Well before I came to pace I had no idea of what to expect all I knew was that I was coming to rehab the last place on earth I would have wanted to be and what's even worse I had to stay for 90 days and when I finally got here everyone was happy and optimistic I seriously didn't understand how a bunch of sick people could be so happy I even though I'm in a psychiatric ward perhaps and everyone was just crazy I didn't want to stay for even a week but now I understand why everyone was so happy and I also understand why I've decided to stay for 120 days. Just like everything else in life pace has its ups and downs and I cannot say much but I can say that miracles happen in this place. Oh, and it is a rehab.

Individual Counselling

Yeah well I think Pace has a brilliant team and I must say the individual counselling sessions I've had in this place really hit home, well they basically forced me to look at myself and that is precisely what I needed so I think my journey here would have been useless without individual counselling

Group Counselling

Well for me personally the group counselling was effective as well as I would get many different perspectives from everyone and I would always take quite a lot from the group counselling sessions

Step Work Counselling

Well for me the step work counselling sessions brought a lot of realization and a better understanding of my disease not only that but I felt more in tune with my feeling whilst working the steps.


Well, the facility is not perfect but then again nothing is so I would say that it's great I don't think anything needs to be done, added or whatsoever so.


The meals were quite fantastic if you ask me although I might have had a problem with the veggies and everything it was brilliant almost better than my mothers - don't tell her that.


Well the NA and AA fellowship is one thing that got me more attracted to the whole recovery thing and I just like how it's conducted.


Well, generally I enjoyed my whole journey here in Pace. Meeting everyone I met and most importantly being brought to the realization that I can have fun without drugs.


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