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Testimony: "To this motivated, attractive, spiritually happy person I have become"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: Anonymous-ZT

I arrived at PRC recovery sick and an emotional wreck. I got the medical help I needed and the group slots helped me a lot in being more determined to quit drinking. The intervention documentaries was an eye-opener in order for me to be more aware of what is happening globally. Keep up the good work and always encourage a jovial mood. Looking forward to visiting when I am working in Sabie. Thank you PRC recovery.

Individual Counselling

The counselling was fulfilling and informative. It helped me to do some introspection.

Group Counselling

The group counselling was great. It helped me to stay determined about my resolve to stay sober.

Step Work Counselling

The step work counselling was straight to the point. One must first go through the steps in AA and NA literature then you become more empowered to do the step work.


The facility is good and serene.


The meals are good and prepared perfectly.


The fellowship is great and everybody gets an opportunity to share their experience.

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