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Testimony: "My life was a wreck. I sought help from PRC Recovery."

Updated: Feb 12

My life was a wreck. I sought help from PRC Recovery.

I started my recovery journey as a client and by the end of my program, I was part of a family. I am grateful for the program of recovery I could attend.

It was a life-changing experience for me and I am so grateful to have my life and my loving family back, in particular my beautiful wife I can make proud again.

I am so grateful for the program and PRC Recovery. I can strongly recommend PRC Recovery to anyone in need to get their life back.

The program is tough sometimes but you must push through, it is the most rewarding feeling to complete the program. The most important is for you to have your life back, to enjoy yourself, and for your family to be proud of you again.

Individual Counselling

I am thankful for the professional counseling which was given to me.

They took my problems seriously and the counseling I received helped me a lot and made me feel like there is hope for me.

Group Counselling

I must say the group counseling was excellent. All the coaches exceeded themselves in the groups they facilitated. I learned a lot in the groups and I was able to take a lot of pointers that will help me on my journey.

Step Work Counselling

I was blessed to have Morne as my step-work coach. From step 1 through step 12, Morne made me feel that I can trust him. He was a great inspiration for me. He was always willing to help me, this gave me hope through the difficult times during treatment and pulled me through when I needed it.


PRC Recovery accommodated me with all the necessary needs during my three-month stay.

From the bathrooms to the T.V room with a lovely fireplace and the kitchen/dining room area made me feel at home.


The four meals every day was good enough for me and the menu was acceptable.

The food was good and filling. The menu on weekends was different, I enjoyed the braais.


When I went to my first meeting I was welcomed by the staff and my fellow addict friends.

The NA and AA unity played a huge role in my stay at PRC Recovery and kept me motivated.


My overall experience was good, I felt part of the PRC Recovery family.

I have learned a great deal about the basics like housekeeping, cooking, and cleaning.

I enjoyed collecting wood for the fires we made.

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