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Testimony: "Thank you PRC Recovery for facilitating my recovery journey"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: Anonymous - RT

Thank you so much Pace, for facilitating the beginning of my recovery journey.

Thank you for being hard on me and not giving up on me when I gave you so much uphill when I arrived in a very bad state.

I feel very different, for the better, and people see the change in me. I’m eternally grateful for the patience, understanding, and tough love.

The first rehab I’ve ever finished (-:

Individual Counselling

Great counsellors. Multi-dimensional team. Female addiction counsellor required a history of substance abuse, sober in recovery.

Group Counselling

Useful topics. Could go more in-depth. Format improved by multimedia. Class on the effect of drugs on body organs perhaps? Perhaps more group circle sharing sessions? Male + Female exclusive groups for sensitive/gender issues.

Step Work Counselling

Beginners class well. Perhaps a few more similar classes/Mart classes. Individual excellent, perhaps more regular when additional staff feasible.


Developing well. A great deal of potential. Still beautiful surrounds/setting. Bedrooms could do with a bit of work. Classrooms, etc in good order looking forward to seeing development in the coming years.


Good portion sizes + variety, plenty of vegs. Occasional fruit now still recommended daily. Some steamed veg perhaps?


Growing nicely facility works well/premises. 1-year shares inspirational. Sharing will probably always need to be encouraged due to a large number of members in rehab meetings mandatory for addict staff?


More regular outings/hikes.

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