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Testimony: "I simply do not have the words to describe my journey in PRC"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: Anonymous - EM

I was very reluctant to write this testimony. Not because I did not want to or I had negative things to write about but because I simply do not have the words to describe my journey in PACE. I have come to love this place and the life of the people, most importantly I have realised who and what I am. I am not totally aware of exactly what that means but three months being here was an excellent start. PACE is far from being perfect and that for me is a good thing, its imperfections made it perfect, imperfect staff members, curriculum, implementation, surroundings, etc but because of that, it made it easier for me to accept my imperfections and embrace them. I made a decision that the last few days here I am going to enjoy the above mentioned. The memories will forever be with me. So I thank PACE for being what it is. Not a perfect masterpiece of a program but an excellent program meant to help imperfect people like me to strive to find their excellence in life.

Individual Counselling

They were helpful and very informative. Each session that I had helped me learn more about myself and the problems that I had especially dealing with them.

Group Counselling

At first, I did not find the group sessions beneficial to me. Gradually I realised I am learning a lot of things from them.

Step Work Counselling

They helped me get through most of my step work and get a deeper meaning on each step. I also understood how each step is applicable to my life. I am not a fan of any form of writing but through the step work, I saw the significance of it and made me realise a lot of things that I hid.


Comfortable facilitation. I mostly felt at home. I was able to settle in very well in a short space of time.


The food was good, I had a problem with breakfast but it’s a long time problem. They accommodated every diet.


As a first time member, I have grown to enjoy the fellowship. It was good to be able to share and listen to stories which I can relate to.


PACE is a good treatment centre. I received amazing help and care beyond what I expected. It was lovely to be surrounded by good and loving people who actually care about the next person.

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