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Testimony: "My life started to change in a positive way once I found recovery"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: SelloP

I came to PRC recovery a broken man, I did not know how to handle my emotions and my problems but after starting with my life story and all the feedback I received, I started to realize my part in each and every situation. I saw my life starting to change in a positive way. I was able to concern others which in the past I was selfish. I had a great experience in my recovery. Thanks to my Higher Power and the staff at PRC recovery.

Individual Counselling

When I came to PRC recovery I was confused, I did not know the root of my problem. After the sessions with Octavea and Persty, I started realising what was wrong with me.

Group Counselling

I got a lot of knowledge from the group counselling and it made me aware of what I should do next in my recovery. It was a great experience.

Step Work Counselling

My sessions with Mornè was very good and I am grateful for him making me realise that I am not a monster, I just made mistakes. I am human.


The facility is good and the staff understand what to do in many cases to solve our problems, I wish them well and pray that God protects them and keep them safe.


The meals were good, I enjoyed it a lot. I am grateful to the staff who prepared our meals. I do not have any complaints about the meals.


The fellowship was a great experience. Since I came to PRC recovery the meetings helped me realize a lot of things about my life. With all the shares I have listened to, they made me strong.


The twelve steps do work if you work them. Just have to be open-minded and willing and have faith in the program.

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