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Testimony: "PRC will always be my home because they never gave up on me"

Updated: Mar 9

Testimony: ThembaQ

PRC Recovery will always be my home because they never gave up on me. They saw potential in me that others could not see. When I came here I was nobody, but now I feel that I am somebody. I have found something that most human beings battle to find in this universe - PEACE and JOY. Happiness and love which is something I will carry with me as I am about to leave this centre. May God you all with more days to live in this universe.

Individual Counselling

Each individual session I had, I value as one of the good aspects because it has helped me see the mistakes I was making that caused my relapse.

Group Counselling

The group sessions were always good because I have managed to gain some self-esteem which was something I was lacking in my life.

Step Work Counselling

The step work was one thing that played a big role in coming to believe in my Higher Power - now I know that He is the one who always gives me the strength to persevere in my recovery.


The facility is good. Every time I took a shower the water was always hot, and the blankets kept me warm, I never went cold.


I enjoyed every meal, every single day and I will miss the potjiekos and breakfast on weekends.


Each meeting we had I took something from my peers and the staff and used it in my recovery.


I enjoy my free time with the guys sharing their different experiences and making phone calls to my family it felt like I was at home.


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