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Testimony: "I've put my very best into making my recovery possible"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: YashveerR

I never knew I was going to come this far in the program here at PRC or in recovery. I have been putting my very best into making my recovery possible. PRC has given me my life back that I thought that I had lost years ago. If it was not for the staff here that are so caring and understanding I wouldn’t have come this far. My stay here at PRC was extremely amazing in general it has been a good stay here for me. Being PRC my first recovery centre I have enjoyed my stay here. The counselling and the step work has helped me through this difficult time that I have been faced with. After working through this program not only helped me to realise my problem areas in my life but also helped me find myself and now I know and have a reason not to use anymore.

Individual Counselling

My counselling here at PRC was extremely helpful without the counsellors and the recovery coaches my recovery would not have been possible. I would like to thank everyone at the admin who helped me make my recovery possible.

Group Counselling

The group counselling was good and there was a lot that I learnt from the class we had and the activities we had to do. My opinion towards the groups should be less homework for us to do and more to do in class and make time to finish work in class rather than homework.

Step Work Counselling

The step work counselling was really something else for me it played a big part in my recovery, although I had to redo step one I now know the reason why my sponsor asked me to redo it. There’s a lot from my step work that I have learnt about myself.


The facility here at PRC is amazing I have not had any trouble with anything. The bedrooms are very comfortable, the bathrooms are kept clean at all times. The kitchen is very clean and the place at the whole is well looked after.


The meals were extremely good and PRC has accommodated me for my special diet because I do not eat beef. I have been having meals three times a day and in between, we have our tea breaks and that's awesome because then I’m never hungry.


The fellowship of NA and AA has contributed a lot to my recovery I have been learning and getting information from other clients that have made my recovery possible. The fellowship of NA and AA has a big impact on me because I get to share my experiences with other people just like me.


In general, I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to be in a rehab that’s well worth going to because the staff and other people are very friendly and understanding. And I believe in the program that it works so it can work for others.

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