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Testimony: "PRC is great and they really want to help people recover"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: MiekhyleW

When I came to PRC I lived a life of gangsterism, drugs and crime. I had no respect for myself or others. Since I have been at PRC my whole outlook upon life has changed. I have a love for myself and others and I no longer want to go back to the life I lived before. The PRC team helped me see myself as the loving, caring person that I am today. The place is great and the staff are really caring people that want to help people recover.

Individual Counselling

This has helped me in many areas of my recovery, things that I did not want to deal with. The individual counselling helped me to deal with those areas.

Group Counselling

This has made me aware of the things that are good for my recovery and the things that are not good for my recovery.

Step Work Counselling

Step work counselling was very good and you can’t get away with shortcuts and half jobs and this helped me do my step work with all my heart.


The facility was great I have nothing bad to say.


Since we have been cooking here the food was tops, really nice and I was never hungry.


The fellowship is what made me realise that there are people that were like me that is sober.


Overall the place is great, the staff is really caring people that want to help people.

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