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Testimony: "I took time to heal my mind, body, and most importantly, my soul"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: CraigC

I came in not knowing if I was Arthur or Marthur. I spent a month here, then two. I feel like a brand new person. I took time to heal my mind, body and most importantly, my soul. The water is the sweetest I have tasted in a long time. The food was wholesome and I gained a few pounds. The outings were great. The counsellors were informative, they gave me good advice. I love the friends I have made here today and yesterday. PRC Recovery is the place to be.

Individual Counselling

The counsellors were very instructive and gave me peace of mind. Margret - sessions were short and told me what I needed to hear. Onthene - sessions were meaningful, compassionate, told me what I wanted to hear. Octavea - sessions were long and she told me how to fix the wrongs in my life.

Group Counselling

Margret - great classes, insightful and to the point. Onthene - excellent classes, beautifully prepared and excellently executed. Octavea - very good, I felt included.

Step Work Counselling

Mornè - great knowledgeable expertise. He answered all the questions I had to ask him. A real pleasure to talk to. He is a person I aim to be like. Always happy - a bit forgetful but all-around good guy!


The facility is great if you don't come from a five-star living environment. Get ready to make your own bed and clean the toilet if you mess it. It is great, I loved it here. Thank you PRC Recovery.


The meals were off the top shelf. Mornè’s food is the best food.


Good friends, I made lifelong buddies in the fellowship of NA and AA. I could share my story without fear of judgement - it is good knowing that I am never alone.


I had a good time relaxing, playing and doing chores. I learned that I can have fun without using.

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