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Testimony: "I’m going to break these chains of fear and come out a legend"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: ChrisVB

It was tough for the first three weeks at PRC Recovery. Duty was a bitch. I was a wreck when I came to PRC Recovery. It has been a journey to find myself. This place was God's plan for me. I had everyone calling me out on my bullshit and breaking me. You won’t believe it but I am grateful for those people, calling me out on my bullshit made me stronger and I am a more humble person.

God has my back and He is making a way for me. Since I gave in to God's will a lot of things happened that made me change the way I look at my life. I am going to war to fight the devil. I am Chris Van Brakel son of God and His soldier. I am ready for the fight of my life. I am going to break the chains of fear, walk through hell and come out a legend. Until the day I die I will fight with prayer and God with me. This is me going from zero to hero thanks to God and PRC Recovery. I will be forever grateful. I am Chris Van Brakel son of God made a soldier through PRC.

Individual Counselling

It has really been worth it, I have found myself. Diederick and Onthene have been like a father and mother to me. I value and am so grateful for people not giving up on me. For the first time in a long time, I am believing in myself.

Group Counselling

People calling me out on my bullshit during group ain't my thing but it did build me, and today I am grateful.

Step Work Counselling

Step work made me realize a lot. Onthene is a champ, she never gave up on me, she is a very strong person, I have never met someone like her. I am grateful for people not giving up on me! Made me believe in myself, that I can do step work and that I am not useless.


Love the gym. The facility is great.


I am thankful for any food.


I know now I am not alone in this fight for my life. The fellowship is a gift from God.


Love, peace and faith. I am so blessed with what God has given me. It is a blessing to be sober! None of this is possible without Him in my life.

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