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Testimony: "PRC perfectly showed how self-help begins with letting go"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: GeorgeM

GM Testimony

My experience in Pace Recovery Centre was like an Ocean Flyer clinging to heights to the last drop of spirit driving on while yet ahead is a land to be won and work for wings – move then with new desires. I have had worse partings but none that I miss in my mind. Perhaps it is roughly saying Pace Recovery Centre perfectly showed how self-help begins with walking away and love is proved in the letting go.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling helped me to get my life back. It worked for me, it made me have trust in myself and believe in myself.

Group Counselling

Group counselling through me many things that I didn’t know. Some I was trying to know during my active addiction then I know about them during group counselling, e.g. practising self-care, self-discipline and emotional.

Step Work Counselling

Step work helped me to surrender from drugs, and it helped me to take my will and my life to the care of God.


Honestly speaking, this place is like a 5-star hotel. Everything is comfortable. To me, there is nothing missing.


Am not used to eat the meals I got in here but I don’t like the way they taste but I like them because they are healthy.


Fellowship became my family, helped me whenever I needed help got every answer for every question I have and it helped me very much.


My life has transformed into a new person that I love and for that, I thank all the staff members of PRC you have given me the key to happiness.

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