I ended up revealing things I thought I won't speak about

Updated: Oct 19

Testimony: ThembaQ

When I arrive here at PRC Recovery I came being like empty vessels which needed to be filled up. I thought I was living a happy life with all the entertainment & social I use to have with some friends. What I have discovered was that I never love myself I was selfish destructive to my own life hurting a lot of people special my family & my kids. I had no vision the was no different me and a dead person. I quote potential is the power that is within need to be realised. Thank the power greater than myself for this chance and for giving me the strength to accept that I was powerless.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling was good I have discovered that you digger the most parts of my life that were more damage so that I can work on them for my recovery.

Group Counselling

The group counselling was kind that I felt like not missing the special way are conducted thanks for allowing us to present as individual so our feelings are expressed.

Step Work Counselling

I was always being corrected special when I was told that I need to repeat the surrender topic which I did. I discover that I ended up revealing things I thought I won't speak about.


The facility was not bad at all the structure is well built. I think we all felt welcome and being at home. Showers, the water was always hot & toilets always clean.


The meals were good because even the directors of the facility were eating what we were eating. I have even gained some weight.


I was always enjoying the meeting Tuesday & Thursday. Hearing the sharing of other addicts their difficult experience towards the journey of our recovery.


I was always enjoying the company of the guys we were always able to lift one to another when we were feeling down. Outings we used to have was always fun.