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Testimony: "Recovery will continue to help me grow mentally and spiritually"

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

When I came to PRC recovery I did not know myself, who I was or where I was heading, but today I can proudly say I know the destination I am heading to thanks to PRC Recovery. I did not know about the fellowship of NA, they helped me a lot. I know now that whenever I come across a problem I must phone my sponsor, or other recovering addicts, even my coach. I will attend meetings in order to grow mentally and spiritually.

Individual Counselling

I enjoyed it and I gained a lot of knowledge, it was an eye-opener for me.

Group Counselling

I have learned so many things in these groups, I was closed-minded and now I am open-minded, I have found myself.

Step Work Counselling

The counselling was good, I had a sit down with my coach and he explained everything to me step by step. He alerted me that I must continue with the steps even when I am at home.


The facility was good, I did enjoy my stay. I even used the gym and everything was wonderful.


The meals were good, I have nothing to complain about.


The fellowship is a good one, it has made me do a lot of introspection and I will always go to the Nelspruit meetings and do online meetings.


I think PRC recovery should get a pool table and proper volleyball equipment and other sporting facilities for the younger generation, not forgetting the older people too.

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