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Testimony: "I feel very lucky to have done my treatment at PRC Recovery"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: ChelizeS

I feel very lucky to have done my treatment at Pace Recovery Centre. I have walked out of there a changed person with the necessary tools and I am ready to take on my recovery one day at a time.

Individual Counselling

Counselling was nice, whenever I went through a tough time all I had to do was ask for help and it was given to me. The counsellors are loving and supportive. However, I think therapy goals should be set at the beginning of a recovery in order to have something to work towards when having sessions.

Group Counselling

I loved the sessions we had, all of them were relatable and I can apply that knowledge in my life. I have a short attention span and I talk and engage in my lectures - more visual learning (videos, motivation) would be nice. Other than that the activities we did was great & helped a lot for my self-esteem (-:

Step Work Counselling

I think Mart does a perfect job - he made my recovery very simple for me. The way he delivers his message is warm and encouraging. I felt very safe and open sharing my step work with him. More marketing. You have something good going here.


Was something I had to get used to. The beds are really noisy.


The meals are great. Maybe more fruits for snacks -> I enjoyed the food and maybe limit the items on the tuck shop list. e.g. only allowed 2 chocolates instead of 5. Teach a balanced diet. Loved Kathy’s cooking.


Was great. Onthene & Juan played a big role in NA & AA was nice learning from them and received good advice and motivation. Allow more outside people to come for meetings.


Stop treating some clients like babies. I don’t know what I would do if it weren’t for Kathy - very supportive and caring. Raise money & get funding -> to sponsor a disadvantaged child with treatment once a year. Good CSI/CSR! Love the youth centre idea.

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