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Testimony: "Today I can stand and speak out, I can testify about my life."

Updated: Jan 2

The first time I entered these gates I knew what I wanted and what I needed in my life.

Through the group sessions and the program, the powers greater than myself I found the purpose of this journey in my life.

Today I can stand and speak out, I can testify about my life. I am not ashamed or afraid.

I am out and proud of what I am doing in my recovery and life. For all the things I have lost I have no regrets because I have learned to forgive and let go.

I feel born again with new goals and dreams in life, I have learned from failure. For as long as I live I have nothing to fear. All the best to the staff at PRC Recovery.

Individual Counselling

It is here where I had to open up and be open-minded. It was the most fearful thing I ever had to deal with, sharing my problems with another person. I was willing and today I am grateful for the sessions I had. It helped me a lot.

Group Counselling

Group slots helped me a lot, I found myself and learned how to deal with my emotions. It helped me change my thinking and behavior/attitude.

Step work Counselling

Step work was a game changer for me, it opened my mind to so many things that I was not aware of. The talks with my recovery coach gave me a lot of guidance and knowledge.

Mr Morne I am proud of you, you changed my life.


This is a very nice facility. What makes it good is the isolation from society, it was easy to adapt without any disturbance, only myself and my recovery.


The meals from lunch to dinner are very nice, slightly small. For myself, I am not used to pap in the morning and the slices of bread. I did get used to it without any complaints. For the chefs, big up for the nice food.


A friendly association with my recovery really played an important role in my life. To know that I am not alone, that there are brothers and sisters who are suffering from the same disease but are recovering. By following the steps I will never go wrong, the fellowship is the key to my recovery.


In general for me coming to this facility I learned so many things that I have to put into practice, and now I have a family that I can depend on in life.

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