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Testimony: "The 12 step program promises freedom from my addiction"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: Anonymous - JN

I am grateful for the 12 step program because it promises freedom from my addiction. I arrived at PRC recovery with an addiction to marijuana and alcohol. I learned about the triggers of addiction and the tools I should use to keep myself clean from drugs. I had individual counselling sessions to help me deal with my addiction and to have a positive outlook on life. I also enjoyed group counselling and learned a lot of empowering information I can use in the future. Thank you PRC recovery team.

Individual Counselling

I had fruitful individual counselling sessions at the centre. I suggest a structured session per week per individual.

Group Counselling

The groups were informative, I suggest the teaching material be projected on the wall instead of being read because we lose out on important information as the lessons are read to us.

Step Work Counselling

It was constructed well. Recovery coaches must keep up the good work.


The facility is fine, please buy new beds and mattresses.


The meals are well balanced. Thanks for the improvements.


Meetings are well structured. The fellowship is well organized and I can recommend it to others.


I enjoyed my journey in recovery and I learned a lot from the program.

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