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Testimony: "I finally stepped outside the vicious circle of my addiction"

Updated: Mar 9

Testimony: OntheneD

The most precious gift one can give to anybody is your time… Thank you PRC for giving me back - ME. The love I received here was a stepping stone on the pathway of self-discovery. You have created a space where people can learn how incredibly wonderful they are by teaching them how to love themselves and deal with their addiction in a constructive way. I have discovered my own inner wisdom and strengths here. Above all a healthy loving relationship with my HP. The tools I’ve been given at PRC will help me remove the blocks and barriers of life and my disease out of the way so I can live a happy healthy life no matter what circumstances I might be going through.

Individual Counselling

Growth is a process. I needed several small steps to finally step outside the vicious circle of my addiction and the toxic abusive relationship I was in to break the cycle. I had to take a leap of faith in trusting my counsellors. The compassion and empathy they showed towards me gave me a safe place to bleed it out.

Group Counselling

Reprogramming the subconscious mind, refreshing on life skills, giving information on how to improve on relationships, deal with the enormous task of living life on life’s terms… Pace Recovery has got it covered from all angles.

Step Work Counselling

If not for the insight of my step work counsellor I would’ve struggled to go through my steps thoroughly. The one-on-one sessions gave me the encouragement to proceed fearless and with honesty. It really helps when your step work counsellor makes love visible in the effort and transparency he puts into his work.


Home... is not a house… it's a feeling the second I set foot in PRC I was at home… The spiritual foundation it is built on - willingness, open-mindedness and honesty make it a safe zone for anybody.


“‘n gesonde liggaam huisves ‘n gesonde gees’” Healthy, delicious meals made with love and approved by a dietician.


Family… surrounded by like-minded people who suffer from the same disease… a sense of belonging and purpose.


PRC… a place where I had/have the freedom to BE...


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