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Testimony: "PRC gave me NA but it's more than that, another shot at life"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: JuanV

I was once asked “what has NA given me” and I couldn't answer it until now. NA gave me PRC Recovery. PRC Recovery gave me NA, but it's more than that PRC gave me “ME” they gave me another shot at life. my testimony is the way I live, the why? case someone believed in me, accepted me & loved me someone was honest & open enough to call me on my bullshit, not forcing me but guiding me. I will always be grateful for the opportunities you've opened up to me, by showing & teaching me the NA way. this is my family “ vatos locas la familia” truly thank you, Mart, Janine, Daniel, Onthene, Octavea & Maggie.

Individual Counselling

I liked the sessions with Daniel. Intimate, straight, honest, no bullshit big part of my healing. Might have a set time for sessions.

Group Counselling

interactive, really informative.

Step Work Counselling

Step work really takes me out of my comfort zone & that is why I can see the change - truly worth the time.


Very very neat, well organized & maintained felt like I was @ home.


Good balance, baie lekker.


Fellowship is tops.


Dankie vir alles. I appreciate that everyone gets heard.

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