PRC's approach to recovery is very up beat & progressive

January 24, 2019

Pace Recovery has played the most important part in the saving of my life. For which I will be eternally grateful. The entire team from the Directors to the Therapeutic Team & then the Psychologist Brian are all extremely hands on & make themselves acceptable at all times. The approach to recovery is very up beat & progressive & being away from my family has given my family time to recover as well.


Individual Counselling

I have had the opportunity to experience a session with the entire team. I like everyone's approach. They are always available to chat or bounce ideas off. I have a deep connection with Daniele, I have spent more time with him & he has seen me at my very low.


Group Counselling

Octavea - the first 2 ½ months her classes were on the boring side, not very interactive just her talking. Margaret - better than Octavea but still lacking enthusiasm. Daniele - Brilliant, very up beat & interactive.


Step Work Counselling

Octavea - The resentment letters was a brilliant exercise, very thorough & emotionally moving. Mart - Very thorough, saw the underlying issues and very honest in his feedback.



The property is very nice, lots of land, open spaces which takes away claustrophobic feeling. Kitchen & Dining superb, Bedrooms spacious, Bathrooms sufficient & showers.



Cyclic menu is very good, good/well balanced diet, very accommodating to my special requirements, the only thing I would question is the R 2,000 being charged for the special diet.



NA Meeting on Thursday is brilliant, growing in number with 26 @ last meeting. Enjoyed all topics. AA Meeting on Tuesday is very important to instil the fact that alcohol is a drug.



The communication with the family is outstanding, the progress report, telephone calls, follow-ups. Fantastic property, brilliant facilities, with the amount of land their could be more use, more physical education, Social - football, volleyball could be more organised OT - mosaic would be a good addition.

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