Thank you PRC for facilitating my recovery journey

April 5, 2019

Thank you so much Pace, for facilitating the beginning of my recovery journey.


Thank you for being hard on me and not giving up on me when I gave you so much uphill when I arrived in a very bad state.


I feel very different, for the better, and people see the change in me. I’m eternally grateful for the patience, understanding, and tough love.


The first rehab I’ve ever finished (-:


Individual Counselling

Great counsellors. Multi-dimensional team. Female addiction counsellor required, history of substance abuse, sober in recovery.


Group Counselling

Useful topics. Could go more in depth. Format improved by multimedia. Class on effect of drugs on body organs perhaps? Perhaps more group circle sharing sessions? Male + Female exclusive groups for sensitive/gender issues.


Step Work Counselling

Beginners class good. Perhaps a few more similar classes/Mart classes. Individual excellent, perhaps more regular when additional staff feasible.



Developing well. Great deal of potential. Still beautiful surrounds/setting. Bedrooms could do with a bit of work. Classrooms, etc in good order looking forward to seeing development in coming years.



Good portion sizes + variety, plenty of veg. Occasional fruit now, still recommended daily. Some steamed veg perhaps?



Growing nicely facility works well/premises. 1 years shares inspirational. Sharing will probably always need to be encouraged due to large number of members in rehab meetings mandatory for addict staff?



More regular outings/hikes.

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