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10 December 2023


PRC Recovery provided excellent counselling, therapy, and coaching. Grateful for tools gained and transformative experiences.


Transformed by PRC Recovery: From Self-Doubt to Self-Discovery.

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Transformed by PRC Recovery: From Self-Doubt to Self-Discovery.

Individual Counselling

Hennie: excellent help and has helped me a lot with my progress. 

Occupational Therapy

Innocentia helped me a lot with my self - image my confidence.

Social Worker

Wendy: I think she understands me at times, but she has tried and is still helping me a lot. I like her different perspective.

Group Therapy

Hennie: Excellent group session, I enjoy his session especially the open discussions. Innocentia: I enjoy them. She allows us to be free and ask a lot of relevant questions. NB# More group sessions would be helpful and may assist with the engagement between clients and counsellors. Holistic Treatment Trauma Release Exercises An eye opener. I was amazed at how much I kept inside and my body's reaction to my emotions. Holistic Coaching/Healing In all of Janine's classes I have learned a lot. I enjoy all the new things she teaches all relates it to our lives.

Recovery Coaching

Chris: Always the best and available. Willingness to help me and at times tough approach to help me.


A little maintenance can be done. Especially with the beds


I am happy with the meals. I also think Pap would be recommended.


They tried but at times I did not feel supported or disregarded.


It has been a journey, but I am not happy with a few items within the program, I feel like it was more of a self- help journey with hints of what is wrong and here is the tool the rest is up to me.

What Makes PRC Different?

I cannot compare as it is the only rehab I have been to.

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